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Who is Guava Insights?

Guava Insights has partnered with organizations of all sizes to foster innovation and enhance cultural performance, strategically fortifying the organisation for future challenges and advancements.

What we do?

At Guava Insights, our mission is to unleash the full potential of individuals and teams. We empower them to maximise their vision, productivity, and efficiency, fostering a positive culture tailored for the demands of the new world.

How we do it?

Guava Insights delivers programs of various sizes, encompassing large team facilitation down to one-on-one individualized coaching. Our tailored approach aims to meet the diverse needs of early-stage startups up to large enterprises, complemented by our expertise in implementing cutting-edge technology solutions.

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Our Principal Mediator

Hi Hello I’m Simon Szwarc

Simon Szwarc - Principal Mediator

Founder and CEO of Guava Insights,

Executive Coach, Speaker, Facilitator and Accredited Mediator

Simon is an accomplished speaker, facilitator, coach, program director, and accredited Mediation, whose dynamic background spans a range of diverse roles, from Board Chair and Board Member to CEO and start up founder.

Simon is not only a seasoned executive but also one of Australia’s most sought-after evangelists on Innovative Change. He has delivered numerous keynote speeches, lectures, workshops, and collaboration programs to leadership teams across diverse industries, and he has developed research and bodies of work around a concept he calls “Organizational Anxiety.” With over 20 years of experience in advisory and consulting roles for some of Australia’s most significant organizations, Simon is known for his ability to identify, adopt, and integrate new and leading-edge technologies.

Simon’s unique perspective and drive have been honed by his senior leadership roles at top consulting and advisory firms, including Deloitte, Bearingpoint, Capgemini, and SMS. With his finger on the pulse of the latest trends and innovations, Simon is committed to driving change and creating value for his clients and the wider community.


Our High-Performance Team Cultivation Approach

The Guava Insights System

Our Clients

The Guava Insights Offerings

Unleash Innovation

  • Identify and prioritise opportunities to innovate
  • Adopt a robust and test innovation framework and process
  • Create a culture of innovation within yourself, your team and your organisation
  • Establish and align around a Collective Ambition and Vision
  • Develop of a Strategy and Plan to Execute
  • Take everyone of the journey to success

Strategy Formulation and Alignment

Team Maximisation

  • Create and optimise and a revitalised Team culture
  • Establish a pattern of habits of high collaboration
  • Measure and monitor the health of your teams
  • Build productive habits
  • Maximise efficiency, reduce burnout
  • Develop a pathway to your goals

Productivity Acceleration

Brand Enhancement

  • Create new and refreshed true brand identity
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Move to “front of mind”
  • Identify the root causes of conflict
  • Under the environmental contributors to conflict in the organisation
  • Establish mutually-beneficial and long-standing agreements

Conflict Resolution

Client Testimonials

Our Fees

Mediation Pricing

2 Parties



2 Intake Worksheets

2-3 hours Pre-mediation calls and briefings

2 hours review and preparation work

3 hours of mediation

3 Parties



3 Intake Worksheets

3 hours Pre-mediation calls and briefings

2 hours review and preparation work

4 hours of mediation

4 Parties



4 Intake Worksheets

4 hours Pre-mediation calls and briefings

2 hours review and preparation work

6 hours of mediation

Optional 1 Hour Debrief Call After Conclusion of Mediation $300

Additional time over planned hours is charged on an hourly basis

Pricing for Not-For-Profits and Early Stage Startups can be discussed

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