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Simon Szwarc

Lean on our Decades of
Expertise Providing Innovative
Change to Australia’s Largest Companies

Leading Experience

Boasting over a decade of dynamic leadership and having positively impacted more than 50 companies, Guava Insights brings an exhilarating wealth of experience to the table. Our proven track record fuels our passion for delivering results that spark innovation, elevate performance, and set the stage for extraordinary success.

Business and Technical Prowess

Guava Insights stands as a powerhouse, uniquely fortified with a harmonious blend of robust business acumen and cutting-edge technical capabilities. This dynamic equilibrium empowers us to offer clients unparalleled solutions, seamlessly bridging the gap between strategic vision and technological innovation.

We Play Big and Play Small

From large enterprises to nimble startups and not-for-profits, Guava Insights brings a versatile and adaptive approach to every collaboration. Our extensive experience spans the spectrum, allowing us to tailor our expertise to meet the unique needs and aspirations of organizations of all sizes, ensuring transformative success regardless of scale or sector.

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