Simon Szwarc



Simon is the CEO & Founder of Guava Insights, an end-to-end Innovation and Technology Delivery organisation delivering industry-changing solutions to Australia’s largest organisations (including Unmanned Systems, Machine Learning and Virtual/Augmented Reality). Guava Insights exists to leverage “bleeding-edge” technologies to make the world a safer place.

Simon is known as one of Australia’s leading evangelists on Innovative Change, having delivered dozens of Keynote, Lectures, Workshops and Collaboration Programs to leadership teams across a broad range of industries.

Simon has over 20 years experience working in an advisory and consulting role into Australia’s largest organisations, specifically around the identification, adoption and organisational integration of new and leading-edge technologies.

The Team
Heidi Clayton
Organisational Psychotherapist
Kenneth Ang
Kenneth Ang
Innovation & Engineering Consultant
Anthony Marsh
Anthony Marsh
UAV Solutions Consultant
Leigh Rogers
Digital Specialist
Daniel Perry
VR/AR Consultant
Kathryn Waters
Operations Manager
OUR CRUSADE Our crusade is to identify how to leverage these new, bleeding-edge technologies to provide people with the information they need to make them safe, more effective and fulfilled.